Ilene Berman

Studio Artists Respond to CAM

Dear Contemporary Art Museum,

On Wednesday, We, the Room13Delmar artists at Renaissance Senior Living had a conversation about the recent events in the museum and how or if it affects our participation in Open Studios. We don’t know much about the art world but we do know about relationships and how to treat people.

We feel that the museum did not do its job in preparing for the current exhibition. You should have been ready for the conversation and, when it happened, you should not have shut it down.

We want our neighborhood to see our artwork but we do not feel we can partner with the Museum to make that happen.

We want to express our concern and respect for De Nichols. We stand with her and imagine that her feelings are hurt.

In addition, one of our artists wants you to know: I am a 78 year old black proud lady wondering how could this man be so disrespectful to black women. I wonder what places the idea in his head to degrade women further by smearing toothpaste and chocolate over the images? Who gave him permission to display his work? These men need help, they need to fall on their knees and ask God and the public for forgiveness.

We are learning to express ourselves in our artwork. One way to do that is to choose when and where our art is shared. We ask that you withdraw our participation from Open Studios on October 8 and remove Room13Delmar from the event website.

Ms. Lucy Foster

Brenda Lomax

Ms. Willine Taylor

Ms. Delaphine

Ilene Berman


Ilene Berman