NODhouse’s partnership with M-SLICE began in a series of conversations around the St. Louis reality of ‘north of Delmar’. M-SLICE’s director, Romona Taylor Williams, has focused her life’s work on the empowerment of communities of low wealth and of color and the equitable allocation of public and private investment to achieve a bottom-up and organic approach to urban revitalization. There was something in the way NODhouse spoke about and behaved north of Delmar that opened a space for trust between myself and Romona. We share a verbal language and an affection for the people north of Delmar as well as a belief that, with a little visibility, the community will begin to use its own voice to define and celebrate itself. That shared vocabulary has led to a series of public expressions and the development of a network of partnerships aimed at creating opportunities with the community to make the inVISIBLE.