My friend Nick and I are building Room13Delmar. The tricycle from England arrived, we have (sort of) finalized the plans, started cutting and welding steel and cutting and sewing industrial felt. It is an exciting time. It feels different than I might have thought it would as I spent the last year in conversation about the magic bag studio. The conversations were (and continue to be) an integral part of my practice. They are a headier engagement than what is happening in the studio right now.

In the studio we make decisions, cut here, attach there, and act. Having done a great deal of thinking and talking about the design, there is not that much time between decision making and action right now. This is quite a contrast to the time that was necessary to create the relationships around Room13Delmar. I would have a meeting to discuss the project and then leave with the hope that that discussion would lead to another discussion that might lead to community funding support. There was a sharing of ideas and hopes but very little direct action.

I guess that’s not true, there was direct action but it was not of a visible type. It is almost shocking to me as we make a decision in the studio and there is physical evidence of that decision almost immediately. Thank goodness for Nick who seems very comfortable in this place, I find myself slowly getting back up to speed as I reacquaint myself with the studio and distance myself from the conversation table. The work of the studio is so beautiful in its visible purposefulness.