Great essay about Kateřina Šedá’s practice.

“Šedá’s work begs the question: what is the real possibility of art being therapeutic? As she explains it: ‘My work isn’t about removing or adding anything, but fixing something. Let’s say this pen I’m holding belongs in a hole. I don’t want to take it away and bring a better pen; I just want to give it a nudge so it falls in the hole. In one way, this makes her actions and interventions sound innocuous – as if they’re a gentle nudge rather than a shove. The flip-side is that she reveals her projects are guided by her strong and subjective judgment that she knows where the hole is, where the pen ‘belongs’.”

I’m not quite sure why the author thinks “a gentle nudge” is innocuous. In my experience, the only type of sustainable change seems to come as the result of an accumulation of small shifts or ‘gentle nudges’.  I agree with the author when she writes that as an artistic expression, Seda’s voice is heard through her knowing where “the pen ‘belongs'” and her ability to use that knowledge to guide her choices.