I am not sure I am really made for blogging.  It feels a bit too one-sided still and not much like a relationship.  I also don’t like to write just to write.  I would say that I am just not cut out for writing a blog except that I am really curious about its potential for creating a different type of artistic engagement.  If most of what I create takes a long time and is very site specific, most people will not be able to see or experience it directly.  This doesn’t bother me but it does make the documentation of the work very important.  How can we talk about NODhouse or NODtoBristol and the issues around them if I can’t share them?  My most direct relationships are with people with whom I am sharing the experience of creating the work.  However, it is my hope that each engagement focuses on issues that are universal and that those issues could form a different type of engagement with people outside the immediate environs of each work.  Maintaining a blog seems to be a reasonable way to create this engagement.

From what I can tell, the most often expressed advice for new bloggers is to write often or at least to post in a rhythm to create a relationship with your readers.  (Of course, I think fairly close to that is the advice not to blog about blogging xx)  If not every day or every week, at least consistent with my own pattern.  I have not been doing this; I have let our relationship go and I am sorry.

We are creating something here.  I will write more regularly.  I will write every ten days.  You can count on it.