I ♥ Francis Alys. That’s it, I just wanted you to know.

And I also want you to go to his website www.francisalys.com and watch some of his videos (which I tried to insert into this post but which were too large).  I did today (again) and I will remember to watch his work when I am feeling unsure about mine.  Not that I am saying I can compare my work to his.  It is just that his way of capturing small moments in some of his works, Painting, and of expressing large hopes in others, Bridge/Puente, completely resonates with me.

He is a master of the simple act artfully done.  And he brings others along with him not as observers but as co-creators.  He is an inspiration not because of what he has “accomplished” but because of what he creates.  He reminds me of who I want to be as an artist.