“The craft of painting. Beauty. Reflection of the human condition. Decoration. “Music” for the soul or “service station of the soul.” Communication. Play, playing with
                    FUNCTIONS OF AN ARTIST
illusion and reality. Recording life and experience, Mental health, self-awareness and understanding, self-exploration. Building culture and civilisation.”
“To interpret the world. To be honest about the media. To reveal something of themselves. To be creative. To inspire the viewer/listener/participant. To be visionary. To focus thoughts. To provoke. To consider aesthetics. To communicate with or without words. To leave a tangable legacy. To change the world.”
“Could make people go ‘wow’ or make people realise certain opinions they didn’t think they had. Experimentalists. Doing something they want to do, doesn’t have to be revolutionary. To create in any way you like. Authors but without rules. Someone whose work appeals to one of the senses. Express a feeling felt by many in a way all can understand/interpret. Someone who wants to show people what they have in their head. You can live without artists, but you would miss them.”
– Loughborough, UK Autumn 2011