I went to the Spike Island artist Book and Zine Fair this past weekend and saw the display of marbled reams, a print project out of Glasgow.  The artist in charge is Tom Godfrey and he creates publications consisting of a ream of paper printed with an image created by an artist and then marbled on one end.  The ream functions as a sculpture when displayed together and as a populist artwork when sheets are sold for £1 each.  They were beautiful even as they sat on a folding table in a dark room amidst many other publishers.

I felt a connection to the work and its elegant melding of artfulness and social engagement: this is something I strive for in my own work.  I like thinking about what I would submit to the project if they took submissions (they don’t, artists are invited into the project by Mr. Godfrey).  I have the beginning of an idea for a ream.  I’m not ready to share it yet as it is still forming but, it has to do with my new interaction here in Bristol and expresses both the relational and durational nature of my practice.  I am hoping to start an email exchange with marbled reams: a flee-flowing investigation of ideas that the project inspires.  I would like the conversation to build over time but that would require Mr. Godfrey’s participation.  I’m going to ask him if he’s interested. Wish me luck!