“For me the function of an artist is to create.”

“To communicate; to translate experiences, feelings, ideas, desires into visual/oral/sensory form with which others can engage; to provoke people to think/question/reflect;to change themselves and others, and to inspire others to work for change; to make the world a little less grey and cold and hard.”

“I don’t think artists should worry too much about what other people think they’re for – isn’t that how you get to be an artist, by not worrying about others’ opinions? I like art that asks questions about why we are what we are, or that is pretty.”

“To make a living? Give pleasure to others. Maybe to be controversial. I have admiration for people who can create lovely pictures because I can’t draw. My efforts at figures amount to stick people for my grand-daughter. (I like ballet).”

– Bristol, UK  Autumn 2011