I developed a healthy relationship with time while working on NODhouse.  Time became one of the most important materials of the work.  I would not have created the installation I did without time as a partner.  The respectful relationships at the core of NODhouse were only possible through the use of time to both develop my own understanding of what I wanted to express and to grow the relationships necessary to make it happen, even to figure out with whom those relationships would ultimately be formed.  I sometimes hated the pace of the project but I grew to really respect and care for it.

I find myself in a new tangle with time as we get acclimated to life in Bristol.  I know we have just gotten here and that, in the scheme of things, three weeks is no time at all.  But I also know that each day counts.  As we walk our new city, I am taking in information.  I want to take it in as openly as possible to get a feel for the place.  But of course, getting a feel for a place takes time.  Creating work out of a situation takes a deep understanding of the situation.  Deep understanding takes time.  What then do I do with myself in the meantime?